Professional Winners

1. Jennifer Scarborough – Chef Instructor, Carteret Community College (pictured above)
Hombre Chocolate Rum  Mousse Cake – Layers of rich dark, milk and white chocolate Bacardi rum mousses covering an hombre chocolate cake interior of dark, milk and white chocolate layers. Adorned with a chocolate glaze, whipped triple chocolate ganache rosettes,  blooming hombre modeling chocolate roses and dark milk chocolate and white Bacardi rum truffles


2. Cynthia Defusco – Sweet Cakes by Cynthia
“Winter Sunshine Chocolate” Orange Cake- A bright spot on a gray winter day. Cake layers infused with oranges nestled luxurious silky orange scented dark chocolate mousse.  Enrobed in a delicate chocolate Italian meringue buttercream and orange scented ganache. Final embellishments of handmade dark chocolate blood orange truffles, intense orange chocolate bark with finely chopped almonds and chocolate dipped candied orange peel.


3. Marilyn Deruise – Sweet Memories
Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate ! – A chocolate cookie crust is foundation for this chocolate peanut butter lovers delight. A creamy sweet layer of peanut butter cheesecake is baked on a fudgy brownie layer of goodness topped with a decadent layer of chocolate cheesecake. A waterfall of smooth dark chocolate ganache flowing down the sides garnished with Reeses cups on top with mounds of peanut butter and grated Hershey  bar topping.

Amateur Winners

1. Autumn Blake (pictured above)
Ferrero Rocher Cake – Looking for a unique cake? Look no farther than this Ferrero Rocher Cake. It is a fun 2 tier anti gravity cake that show the process of unwrapping a Rocher. Pirouette wafers surround a moist chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting. See the process of unwrapping a delicious Ferrero Rocher as they fall from a box in the air!

2. Elizabeth Perry
Mocha Choolate Cake – Layered with almond buttercream frosting and a fudge filling along with sliced, toasted almonds covered in a mixture of colored buttercream and chocolate buttercream and topped with a chocolate ganache. Decorated with abstract display of chocolate candy bark, chocolate brushstrokes and piped buttercream

3. Heather Steagall
Milk Chocolate Poke Cake- Made with Hershey’s Chocolate Pudding soaked into the cake with a whipped chocolate frosting then topped with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and Chocolate covered strawberries